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Taste My Creme updates – 17/09/2021

Dear members,

The support for Taste My Creme has been overwhelming. The site has grown much more quickly than expected. TMC launched in June 2021 and has quickly developed a core member base. Members on the site are now meeting new people, Interacting, and earning. It is our dream to build a platform and network that provides an excessive amount of value to sex workers and those who are interested in discussing NSFW topics. A platform that allows our members to safely be themselves with no restrictions.

Due to the inundation of registrations, we temporarily closed the doors on new content creator registrations to allow us time to catch up and fix and bugs or crashes happening throughout the site.

We have worked hard and can now accept new content creator registrations and verifications. Always remember only age and identity verified content creators can have a visible profile on TMC. If you are a content creator who has not yet verified, please do so now. You can post but are not restricted to, adult content, memes, lifestyle posts and comments.

For your information: New updates and fixes that are now available.

1 – Mobile Messaging. You can now private message other members and check your messages on your mobile device.

2 – Notifications. Disappearing and non-appearing notifications issue has been fixed.

3 – Posts explore page. The layout and appearance of posts on the explore page has been slightly altered to allow a smoother viewing experience. The first comment left on a post is also now visible immediately.

4 – Recurring payments. TMC has converted its payments to a token system. Members will now buy tokens and use them throughout the website. Our system is now based on Coinbase crypto allowing for more anonymity and keeping admin fees low for our members. Recurring monthly subscriptions will now auto renew if the client has the finance in their account.

5 – Video uploads are now restricted and will only be uploaded as paid for content. This is to help our servers not become overwhelmed while we are still in the infancy of Taste My Cremes growth. As the website grows this feature may again be allowed as free content.

6 – Submit registration bug - Fixed
Thank you for your support if you have any suggestions private message @ admin. We will listen to our users and over time adopt any features we think are necessary to help you get great value from the site.

Kind regards


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Welcome to the Admin area. Please message with any support questions or to give feedback.

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